Are Introductions Necessary?

Well I guess I have to create some type of post introducing myself to you animals? Obviously I’m not going to say my name, but if we ever met at a party, you’d know my name within 5 seconds of arriving. I’m the center of attention and I love it. Despite my small stature, I have my ways of getting everyone to notice me. I won’t try to pretend I care about what you say about me, because I most likely don’t know you.

If you met me on the street, there’s a slight chance you wouldn’t know me at all. But as I said, only a slight chance. I’m the girl who has a GPA lots of people would kill for, and the sex life of an average slut. Don’t get me wrong, I care about being somewhat of a decent person. But if you truly know me, sometimes my sarcasm can be too real.

Let the escapades begin.

-The Teenage Slut